Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blessing of Chores

I'm currently at the beach with my family, which is a handful of blessings in itself!  I always try to get our laundry caught up most of the way before we leave so that there isn't a mountain of dirty clothes waiting to be done as soon as I walk through the door when we return from our trip.
Last night, I was wondering through the house with a rickety wicker basket collecting clothes and towels that needed washing.  As I picked up a towel, I smiled at the blessing I was currently experiencing.  The large volume of dirty towels and clothes were all blessings reminding of the healthy and loving family of mine who were all congregating quietly downstairs, and the blessing of being able to care for them.  Cooking dinner, cleaning their clothes, picking up after them, making their morning coffee--any and all of it are God's blessings.  
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of beautiful messes and the loved ones whose care you continue to entrust to me!  Thank you for loving me enough to bless me with the indescribable love for my family and opening my heart to receive the blessing of their love in return! 

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