Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Will Receive...All I Have To Do Is Ask!

This week, there have been so many times when I have asked for something and God has given it within seconds...what a blessing. 
It is a blessing because, to me, Him blessing me with what I've asked for tells me that God and I are on the same path...that I'm going down the path He wants me to go down.  If I wasn't, He wouldn't be blessing me. 
For instance, my coupon project this week has been to not just finish out my church stock-pile for the give away next week, but to help fulfill another need as well.  Just like last week, I prayed for guidance as I was going along and I received it.  I got everything I needed and then some!  My mind didn't even let me down and it was only because God wouldn't let it.  That's why I love Him!  He knows me best, and is always ready to offer up His grace to me.  What a blessing! 

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